"Nishijin Ro-ji"

"Nishijin Ro-ji", cultural hostel in Kyoto,

The cultural hostel in Kyoto,

where traditional Japanese lifestyle

where traditional Japanese lifestyle was reproduced.

was reproduced.

By passing through a long alley "Ro-ji",

By passing through a long alley "Ro-ji",

variety of rooms, old statues

and Japanese shops are offered.

Making you slip into "Edo-period".

Concept rooms of Edo-period

Room of "KASA-HARI"

Reproducing lifestyle of umbrella craftscouple

"KASA-HARI", Umbrella craftsmen, was popular job in Japan.

Variety and smell of umbrella remind us of Edo period.

Room of "NAGAUTA"

Reproducing living of traditional
Japanese music player

"NAGAUTA", the Japanese traditional Shamisen-music.

Feel sounds and lifestyle of Edo Period.

Room of "KAMI-YUI"

Reproducing room for
master of hairdresser and disciple

"KAMI-YUI", the traditional Japanese hairdresser.

Where Edo-fashion trends start.

Nagaya STAY Kyoto "Nishijin Roji"

144, Tozaitawarayacho, Kamigyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 602-8294, Japan
15 minutes on foot from Kitano Shiramomecho Station

  • 2018.12.04

    Official website has been released.

  • 2018.12.03

    Kyoto Nishijin-roji has been opened.


"Nishijin Ro-ji" is revitalization project which renovates unused buildings and alley of Nishijin in Kyoto.

Based on the history of the Nishijin area, where the cinema was concentrated, We created the hostel that is designed to integrate the past and the present. Lots of staffs and directors, from SHOCHIKU MOVIE STUDIO, joined in this project with passion and skills they owned by creating set of movies.Please come and experience the traditional technique, which has supported the backbone of the historical dramas in Japan.

  • Technique①

    A hand-drawn paperboard and handmade Torii ,the entrance to a sacred shrine, complement the realities of Edo Period.

  • Technique②

    Produced original handmade goods such as Shamisen, ornaments and also entrance signs to symbolize each room.

  • Technique③

    Digital technology to enable aging is a traditional technique that we proud of. Created texture of the building as if it existed for several decades.

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